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Apply for quick loans in South Africa and get an instant response. offers a quick and easy way to apply for loans in South Africa. We help you by simplifying the application process, passing your details to the right lenders matching your profile from the information that you provide us with, and the lender that's best suited to fulfil your loan application. We also contact you in a matter of hours. Simply, we at DC Loans try to help you get quick loans in South Africa faster than any other website.

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Quick cash loans are for South Africans Residents only.

Our lending partners lend out billions of rands every year to ordinary South Africans, from thousands of applicants, one of which could be you.

There are a couple of advantages to using our services than the typical visit to a bank or other financial service institution that provides loans.

By using our website, your profile is matched against 2 of the big 4 banks in South Africa, 2 of micro finance companies, and 2 of the leading payday loans lenders in the country. Furthermore, because of an increasing number of insurance companies providing finance as well, when you apply for a quick loan with Direct Cash Loans, your application can be matched with some of those finance companies that do lending.

Of course, you may find that there are different terms with each lender. Your application may not necessarily be accepted by the lender with the most favourable terms. This is because your loan amount may be too small to be considered for example, or you may have not earn the minimum amount that the really preferable lender requires to accept your loan application. However, on average, people save by using our website.
A typical quick loan would entail the following:

Interest rates not more than 33.2% per annum

Some of our lending partners may charge you credit insurance when you do take up the loan offer, and others may not. It all depends on the terms of the loan.