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Important Personal Loan Terms

Annual Percentage Rate/ARP:
This is the total charge on the applicant's loan expressed as a percentage. It is the sum of interest charges (see interest fee below), and other finance charges.

Bad Credit Personal Loans:
These are granted to people with bad credit or no credit history at all.

Credit Check:
This is a process done to evaluate an applicant's loan and the likelihood that the applicant will repay the loan.

Money received on a regular basis through work, for example a monthly salary.

Interest Fee:
This is the interest charged over the entire duration of the loan.

This is the payday loan company that grants the loan. We commonly refer to them as Direct Cash Loans' lending partners.

Maximum Affordable Loan:
This is the maximum amount of loan that you can take up with Direct Cash Loans, and depends on your salary and credit record.

National Credit Regulator:
The government agency that regulates how our partners grant applicants loans. Under the laws of this agency, applicants may not be granted loans recklessly. The website for the organization is

Payday Loan:
This is an easy and small short-term loan which is unsecured. A payday loan is usually settled on the day that the applicant gets paid.

This is the duration with which the loan is paid back and settled.


We hope these terms and explanations above have helped make you more confident about short term cash and personal loan language. Would you like to apply for a personal loan today?