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Are you in need of a fast cash loan? If the answer is yes, then Direct Cash Loans is the right place for you to be in. There are many reasons why you may need a fast personal loan, and it can be anything from running out of money during the month when your pay day is far off, or suddenly having an unexpected bill to pay. Our comprehensive borrowing services allow you to get the fast line of credit you need to get financial soundness.

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When applying, consider ranking the interest rates of each individual loan. This has the biggest impact in how much money you will have to repay.

Also, consider the duration of your repayment. This is how long you will take to repay the loan, as this could be a short time like a couple of months (short-term loans), or an extended period of more than one year (long-term loans).

Our lenders don't hold any restrictions about what you do with your loan, as long as entering into an agreement will not add onto debt which you cannot settle. That is called over-indebtedness. We only work with responsible lenders, and although some offer fast unsecured cash loans, our aim is to ensure you can pay whatever you need to pay with the money which you earn.

Responsible lending is an important aspect that the lenders must always address. This is mentioned in the National Credit Act, which is the statute that governs how and when lenders can grant you personal loans and other credit option.

Responsible lending means that the lender ought to not grant you a personal loan if it is obvious that you will not be able to make the necessary repayments.

Also, the lender may not offer you more than the maximum credit limit which you qualify for depending on the assessment they have made of you.

For example, when you apply for a loan with, you might indicate you require a loan of R3000 and after approval, the lender may inform you that you can increase that loan to R5000.

That R5000 is the maximum loan amount you qualify for, and the lender may not offer you R6000 for example, because it would be reckless for them to do so.

By now you must have noticed that the term "credit insurance" appears quite often in the information we provide you with in this website and others. And in case you still don't know what it means, let's make it clear.

Credit life insurance or consumer credit insurance is a policy that the lender enters you into if and when you accept the terms of your loan. Credit insurance is cover the settles your outstanding loan balance in case you become unemployed, become disabled, ill, or even die. All of these would mean that you are unable to make your repayments on the loan.

Usually, the lender will inform you of the amount you need to pay for the credit insurance. This small premium is combined with your instalment and is usually not paid separately. However, you have the option to choose an alternative credit insurance provider, or use your own existing life insurance policy but adding the lender as a new beneficiary.

The vast majority of South Africans do not have access to personal loans, therefore, if and when you really need to take up a cash loan, services like the ones we at Direct Cash Loans provide, are a perfect way to address your financial shortcomings. Apply for a fast loan today, or learn about quick loans.